Posted on: October 5, 2010 8:10 pm

NBA 2K11 and some thoughts

I hadn't bought a NBA video game since NBA Live 96
- you could unlock the game's greatest players just by entering their name

Tonight ... I am breaking my 14 year old streak and buying NBA 2K11
- I will be playing the "Jordan Challenge" mainly ...
- How can a BULLS fan turn down the opportunity to drop 55 on the Knicks?


As for my Wildcats ... it's been a TOUGH couple of weeks

- Get destroyed by Florida
- Then GIFT a win to Ole' Miss

And now ... #8 Auburn, but it is at Commonwealth and we DID beat Auburn @ Auburn last season
- but they didn't have Cam Newton ... active, anyways

UK 27 - Auburn 24 in a wild one!

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 4:49 pm

Gerry DiNardo

Is a moron ...

I listen to him every week on 670 The Score Chicago and I can not STAND listening to his thoughts and "expertise"

- I know you played at ND and were an All-American
- I know you had some great coaching positions (But had a LOUSY record
- I know you THINK you understand what a college football player is


For you to say that Mark Ingram is the best player in the country this season ... is atrocious

- He's not even the best player on that TEAM, but he had the better stats (Thanks to the O-Line) last season and got the Heisman

- - - This season is different - - -

I think the Heisman should go to the BEST PLAYER in the COUNTRY! Not the best player from the "best" team

- Randall Cobb -
- - - No one even comes close to being more important to his team
- - - No one even comes close to being as ATHLETIC
- - - No one comes close. PERIOD!

Andre Dawson won a MVP for a last place Cubs team ... Can Randall Cobb make Heisman history this season?
- NO ... the college voters are retarded which is why:

B) The Heisman goes to the "Best player" from a top 3 team
C) You get 6th round draft choices that make it BIG in the NFL
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Posted on: September 13, 2010 10:45 am

Week 2: College Football

You bet Randall Cobb earned that HELMET STICKER!

- Va-Tech! What are you doing!?! I was hoping you'd beat Boise, and almost did ... but JAMES MADISON?!?! Ouch ...

- Notre Dame will be back in National Title contention sooner rather than later ... (Denard Robinson is a BEAST)
     - Yes, I know Danrd plays for Michigan ... but come on ... He can't have a career night EVERY night! Can he?

- Florida got 4 turnovers from USF to aid them in their 38-14 win ... I'm looking forward to UK playing them at the swamp

- South Carolina looked like a good team again. I can't wait for someone to actually tackle Lattimore though

- Auburn remains my pick to win the west, even though Bama' destroyed a over-rated Penn State team
     - The Ohio State-Michigan game may determine the Big Ten winner ... which is the way the Big Ten likes it


Pro Football:
- I don't care about any pro teams really. I like the Bears and Jets and one had a "decent" game and the other has yet to play


I really like the UK football team this season.
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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:08 am

Opening College Football Weekend

A lot of surprises and disappointments this weekend ...

First off, I would like to congratulate the Kentucky Wildcats on a 23-16 win over Louisville! Go Cats!


South Carolina is a good team, actually ...
Georgia is a good team even without their star WR
Tennessee is still in doubt
Florida won't last long against the SEC if their Offense struggles ( it won't )
Vandy is ... Vandy

I don't really care about the SEC West much, but I will be watching a TON of Auburn this season (please beat Bama)


Illinois ... I mean, come on Ron Zook ... you recruit 4 star players to do ... that?
Ole Miss - Thanks for representing the SEC with that monsterous melt down

There are more, I am going to write about them as the season progresses, because I have a feeling most will trend

Excited this week for:
South Carolina - Georgia - pick South Carolina
Miss State - Auburn - pick Auburn
Ohio State - Miami (Come on Miami!)
Notre Dame - Michigan (Both schools are tolerable to watch again)
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